The world’s best dog grooming clippers; all at the touch of a button

But before you go any further, first decide whether you truly need a pair of canine clippers. It starts with you. Are you truly in love with your dog? Or are you a little on the meek and mild or timid side, not having enough gusto and authority to deal with the intricate matter of grooming your dog with the appropriate tools. If you have answered in the negative to these two introspective questions (and there are quite a few others) then perhaps it is best that you leave the essential matter of dog grooming to the professionals.

Rather spare you and your dog the pain by scheduling an appointment with a professional dog groomer. However, if you have gleefully answered in the affirmative, you are probably qualified to handle a pair of dog grooming clippers. If you take your dog to the vet on a regular basis that is already a sign that you love your mutt dearly. The vet will recognize this, and he or she will explain to you affectionately (also as a dog lover) that it is essential that you do the dog grooming yourself.

This brings you much closer to your animal. Your animal will recognize this as well. There is nothing more a well-bred and well looked after dog loves than intimate and affectionate stroking (and grooming) from its master or mistress. Or perhaps not. There is still the matter of its deliciously prepared organic food and the all time favorite daily walk around the neighborhood or to the park. Treat your dog like a prince or princess by giving it all three treats, and more.

On the grooming side, you can now give your old hound, or young pup, the best. The world’s best dog grooming clippers are now available to you and your pet, all at the click, never mind touch, of a button. This is ironic; don’t let your dog get sight of this and the long cord. It might just think that it’s a mouse that needs to be chased off of your desk. But of course, it IS a mouse. Even so. Here is the very briefest of introductions to no more than three of the best online choices.

These are the Wahl Motion grooming kit, the Oster pair of dog clippers and the Andis two-speed clippers. Each of these brands all have its own unique features, however, two features stand out. These are mutual. The groomers are easy to use and are powered by rechargeable batteries. Oh, and there is one very important feature well worth mentioning. In line with giving your dog the personal touch, this saves tremendously on having to take your dog to the professional groomer a few times a year.

Money and time is saved. But as for those poor timid folks out there, perhaps a stint at obedience school will do you and your dog a whole lot of good.