The Gay Family
Last Modified 9/24/2007
Eugene "Gene" Gay
Frank Gay
Joe Gay
Nathanial "Chubb" Gay
Eugene "Gene" Gay

Frank, Joe & Chubb are Eugene's sons

This photo is of Gene Jr on left and Gene Sr on right. Believed to have been taken on the Simms farm, but not sure. Circa 1940

The photo above and the next two of the Gay family were provided by Dorothy Royce, (granddaughter of Eugene Gay, Sr.)

Same as above but with unknown young man on the left.

Gene with his sister, Cynthia.

Gene Gay with Bourbon King

Gene Gay showing Aurora for Allie Jones in a Groom's Class

Gene riding, horse unknown

The following two pictures were sent in by Frances Gay Buckner, the daughter of Frank Gay, Gene Gay's son

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